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The Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Savannah, Georgia Inc. (Chùa Cát Tường) is domestic non-profit organization whose charitable purposes are educational, religious, literary and scientific.

Our organization was formed on April 2, 1997 under the guidance of spiritual leader Thượng Tọa Thích Trí Chơn.  Our first resident nun was Thích Nữ Huệ Hạnh.

We moved to our current location on January 15, 2000 and celebrated the ribbon cutting of our new temple on August 19, 2012. Pictures of the ceremony are on the Gallery>2012 page.

A story about our Temple was published in a local magazine "Inside Savannah" in 2001.  This article includes a brief history of the Temple and it's early days.  The magazine is no longer published.


The Vietnamese Buddhist Association Of Savannah, Georgia, Inc.
Chua Cat Tuong
2619 US Highway 80 W
Garden City, GA  31408-2918

President: An Van Nguyen  912-927-4148
V.P. & Treasurer: Quan T. Nguyen  912-844-2727


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