The Six Paramitas

The 6-Paramitas (to Reach the Other Shore)

Kusan Sunim taught that a good way for Buddhist practitioners to implement the truth of Buddhism within their daily lives was to use six days of each week to practice each of the six bodhisattva perfections: charity on Monday, morality on Tuesday, perseverance on Wednesday, effort on Thursday, meditation on Friday, and wisdom on Saturday, and then to use Sunday as a service day, the day to practice the perfection of all works together.

The 7 Methods for Awakening from the Dream.
We have forgotten our true "I".  This method will help us recover it.

  • Day 1-Monday: Giving, Charity. Give our possessions freely and with loving-kindness.  Giving ends with the act of giving.

  • Day 2-Tuesday: Virtue. The precepts are the guide to liberation from samsara.

  • Day 3-Wednesday: Endurance. (patient endurance) Enduring insults, dissatisfactions, difficulties.  Not quarreling or making distinctions. Treat everyone as a Buddha.

  • Day 4-Thursday: Energy (zealous effort). Don't be lax in practicing giving, the precepts, & patient endurance.  Always push forward.

  • Day 5-Friday: Meditation. (Stillness and stability).  Don't react to externals.  Can do intellectual meditation by reading Buddhist material.

  • Day 6-Saturday: Wisdom. The sword that dispels the Three Poisons, greed, hatred, ignorance.  Avoid the Three Poisons on this day.

  • Day 7-Sunday: Simultaneous Practice of all 6 Methods-Temple Day.

Understand we can't really do these perfectly, just try.
If we could do just one perfectly, it would include all the others.